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Product Details:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 01 Unit
  • Usage: Hospital
  • Categories: Bronchoscopes
  • Brand: Genuine Medica
  • Model: 32
  • Type: RIGID

Pentax Bronchoscope Distributor

According to all the major international organizations such as World Bank, IMF etc, India will become a world power one day. In this era of technology, India is indeed growing at a very fast rate but there are still many areas in which our country is lagging behind. Health care and medical care facility is not available in the entire country and there are still many people who are not even getting basic health benefits. We at Genuine Medica are working very hard to make our dream of providing health care facilities to everyone in this country. We are the best Pentax bronchoscope distributor, supplier, exporter, importer, service provider and trading company based in New Delhi, you must contact the Genuine Medica who is making available the device at a reasonable price to the clients. A Bronchoscope is a device or an instrument used by a Doctor who is a specialist in the treatment of Lungs Disorders and is known as a Pulmonologist. Bronchoscope consists of a thin tube passed through your nose or mouth, down through your throat and then into your lungs. Common reasons for Bronchoscopy are Persistent cough or some infection which are quite common in a country like ours full of billion of lives. Apart from the above problems Bronchoscope can also be used to remove foreign bodies and other blockages from the lungs or airways. We are also the biggest name in the country in the field of Pentax video endoscope distribution. An Endoscopy is a flexible tube with an attached camera used by the surgeons to view the internal parts of your body without making large incisions. Besides getting smaller incisions, Endoscopy has many more advantages associated with it such as less bleeding, painless, no scar and generally cost-effective. At the most affordable price, we will provide you with the Pentax Bronchoscope and Pentax Video Endoscope of the best quality.

Pentax Fiber Bronchoscope

  • Pentax Medical High-Resolution Fibre Bronchoscopes
  • Pentax bronchoscope FB 10V/15V/18V
  • 3.8/4.9/5.0 mm
  • Channel size 1.2/2.2/2.8 mm
  • New Technology
  • Biopsy Forceps Instrument
  • Pentax endoscope cleaning brush
  • LED Light Source

The EB-1970K Video Bronchoscope has ergonomically positioned suction valves and angle levers optimized for balance and ease of use.

Simple one-component valves, available in disposable rubber or autoclavable plastic, allow complete control of aspiration with fingertips. The 6.2 mm insertion tube contains a 2.8mm working channel and provides clear full-screen images for inspection.

The entire PENTAX Bronchoscope product line is tailored to all needs. Unique angles allow the user to effortlessly maneuver towards the bronchus. Genuine Medica PENTAX bronchoscopes have large working channels and thin insertion tubes for pediatric or adult patients.

And if you need an exam next to the bed, you can get rid of light sources with the PENTAX battery bronchoscopes as you’ve never done before.

With easy insertion, optimal aspiration at the touch of a button and efficient insufflation, the PENTAX intubation settings are perfect for a variety of clinical situations. Whether you choose conventional or portable intubation endoscopes, the wide-angle view allows quick and accurate placement of the endotracheal tube. We are the leading Pentax bronchoscope distributor and supplier in Delhi.

The full-screen feature screen allows users to view high-definition images. Self-fluorescence, the early detection of bronchial lesions, is available in SAFE-3000.

The complete line of PENTAX bronchoscopes includes:

  • Fiber bronchoscopes
  • Video bronchoscopes
  • Intubations bronchoscope
  • Portable bronchoscopes
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