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What is AED Defibrillator

With regards to checking heart failure, a computerized external defibrillator is the most suggested gadget. The conditions are sufficiently lethal to lead the patient to death and can be treated through defibrillation, the use of electrical treatment, which stops the arrhythmia and permits the heart to restore a compelling beat. If necessary, it sends an electric stun to the heart to standardize the heart cadence. Extraordinarily intended to be utilized at home, facilities, and medical clinics, and AED permits you to treat unexpected heart failure. SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) is an ailment that happens when the heart out of nowhere quits thumping. SCA may cause passing if not treated in time. Therefore, blood course quits streaming to the mind and other fundamental organs. Every moment of SCA lessens endurance by 10 percent. To rapidly react to crisis heart failure, AED is put in schools, workplaces, air terminals, police vehicles, holy places, and numerous different spots. When working in the work environment, SCA may suddenly occur. In such a condition, you need moment treatment to spare your life.

AED Defibrillator Details

  • Brand – Genuine Medica Pvt Ltd
  • Product Code – 02
  • Easy Defibrillation
  • Data Transfer
  • Pacemaker Detection
  • Self Test
  • Motion Detector



  • Operating Mode – Automatic
  • ECG Analysis Period – Typically < 10 seconds
  • Charging Time at: 150 J – Typically < 10 seconds
  • Energy Steps – Adult: 150 J 150J – 200J Child: 50J 50J 50J
  • Wave Form – Truncated Biphasic
  • Face Detection – Yes
  • Impedance Measurement – Yes
  • Motion Detection – Yes
  • Maximum Discharging – Typically 200 shocks ( at 20 C with Full battery )
  • Impedance Range – 25 – 200 ohm
  • Derivation – Lead II
  • Battery – LiMnO2 ( 15V 3000mA )
  • ECG Bandwidth – 2 – 25 HZ
  • Self Test Scope – Battery, Internal Electronics, Software
  • Self Test Schedule – Weekly, Monthly, and at each start
  • Data Documentation – ECG Signal / Event / Voice Record in Internal Memory
  • Data Transfer – AED Software (USB)
  • Dimensions – 95 x 280 x250 mm

AED Defibrillator Devices

Since old times, the medicinal business has amazingly pushed ahead permitting us to analyze and treat a large number of ailments or maladies. To treat diverse ailments, we have found various complex gadgets, progressed clinical strategies, and analytic instruments. AED Defibrillator Suppliers, we have the same number of clinical strategies, treatments and restorative gadgets as there are ailments or ailments. Diagnosis or Treatment is the procedure to analyze the nature, cause, manifestations or indications of a specific marvel or ailment in a patient.

Why AED Defibrillator?

At the point when contrast with ordinary defibrillators, automated external defibrillators are straight forward and simple to work. They require less time to prepare a client to perceive the beat and activity on the gadget. The client can without much of a stretch comprehend the activity of defibrillators. The automated external defibrillator has such huge numbers of documentation highlights, for example, double channel ECG voice recorders or strong state memory with the accessibility of gadget that stores data condensing the recuperation endeavor. The automated external defibrillators additionally have distinctive documentation highlights. AED is thus a valuable life-saving equipment device that is able to work efficiently and effectively in the time of need. The defibrillator is perfect to use in case of a medical emergency as first aid.

We at Genuine Medica are working very hard so that the medical sector can improve and everyone can avail of the health benefits in this country. At the most affordable price, we will provide you with the best sinuscopes as we are the Best AED Defibrillator Suppliers in the entire country. The machine provided by us will have a user-friendly interface so that all the hospital owner and clinic owners get used to it easily. With the perfect dimensions, beautiful finishing and advanced built-in features and a high cost to performance ratio the defibrillator machine provided by us will prove its worth.

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