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Laparoscopy Instrument Set Manufacturer

The laparoscopy hand instrument set by Genuine Medica is the perfect extension of the hands of the surgeon.

The product line of reusable laparoscopic hand instruments is the result of exemplary processing in a superior three-piece design of an insulated outer tube with a sturdy insert.

It is also known as laparoscopic forceps, laparoscopic scissors, laparoscopic dissectors, monopolar hand instruments, laparoscopic forceps, laparoscopic atraumatic forceps.

Laparoscopy Instrument Set available in a variety of styles, such as Maryland Dissection and Forceps, Maryland Long Grip and Dissection Forceps, Kelly Grip and Dissection Forceps, Right Angle Dissection Forceps, Windowed Forceps, and Universal / Maxi Forceps, Highly Atraumatic Forceps, Allis Forceps, Dental Forceps, endocrine grip tweezers, intestinal grip tweezers, Croce-Olmi grip tweezers, grip tweezers, claw tweezers, spoon tweezers, Metzenbaum curved scissors, hook scissors and micro scissors.

Genuine Medica manual instruments are designed to cut and grasp tissue during laparoscopic procedures. The modular system offers a variety of different jaws. Assemble your system according to your wishes and choose from various pliers, tweezers and scissors.

Our laparoscopy instrument set are available in working lengths of 330 mm, 260 mm and 450 mm. To ensure optimal handling, the corresponding instrument handles are also available with or without blocking function.

Everything can go awry because of the complex modern technology. The equipment and instruments have a much greater impact and significance in laparoscopic and cystoscopic surgery. It has been proven that the visualization and tactile exploration of the surgical field is definitely only indirectly via optical systems and instruments. The surgeon must be adequately familiar with the equipment in order to use it, solve problems and solve the associated problems.

Picture System Of Laparoscopy Hand Instrument Set

The imaging system includes the laparoscope, the light source, the light cable, the camera, and the monitor.

Laparoscopes: Laparoscopes are rigid or fiber optic. The most popular are the rigid ones, such as 0 °, 30 °, 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm. The balls, which are angled by 30 °, can be turned and look downwards, as well as the anterior abdominal wall and the sides facing upwards. The endoscope is connected to a light cable and the distal tip is examined for fiber beam transmission. If the fiber damage is 25% or more, the scope must be replaced.

Light Cable: The light carrier is very important. It can be a liquid or a fiber optic cable. There should be no sharp creases and cracks in the plastic sheath inside the cable. If so, replace the cable to ensure good light transmission. The cable is available in different diameters and lengths. The diameter of the fiber bundle should always be chosen slightly larger than its lens system and should not be too long.

Light Source: The new light source, such as a 250 watt halogen lamp, is still supplied with a condenser system, but the xenon lamp provides better visual clarity. The intensity of the light can be controlled manually or automatically. The high-intensity xenon lamp provides better visual and photographic clarity.

Monitors: The video monitor must produce a high-resolution image after the S-VHS connection. A larger screen of 20 inches and more is preferred, flicker-free medical monitors with higher resolutions than the camera.

Cameras: High-resolution, small and lightweight cameras are now available that are easy-to-use and offer an image with optimal sharpness, high resolution, and excellent color reproduction. Only a camera with a chip has a resolution of 450-600; However, 3-chip cameras with a magnification of 750 horizontal lines provide excellent visual clarity. Usually, the single-chip camera is suitable for routine laparoscopic surgery. However, if the operation is recorded for later inclusion in a larger film or video production, a three-chip camera is preferable. Now you can purchase the latest version of 3-chip digital cameras with integrated image processing modules.

Product Details:

Brand – Genuine Medica Pvt Ltd
Minimum Order Quantity – 1 Set
Material – Stainless Steel
Usability – Reusable
Cross Cap Size – 5.5 mm
Packaging Type – Box
Application – Clinical, Hospital

Features :

  • Comfort that reduces operator stress.
  • Autoclavable & Durable materials.
  • Rotatable design handle.
  • We offer High-quality stainless steel.
  • Easy-to-use ratchet control.
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